Harmoy of Nature and Society

Wild Environment and Industrial Territory

"Tropical Metal Forest: Rian"

"Tropical Metal Forest: Base"

"Tropical Metal Forest: Water"

"Tropical Metal Forest: Renew"

Two sides of Perception and Cognition
Content and Format, Components of Reality

"Bubble City: Time"

"Bubble City: Time (detail)"

"Bubble City: Backlight"

"Babbule City: Nest"

"Babbule City: Base"

"Bubblescape: Dream"

Extinct Plants in the Wild and Metal
Society, the cause of extinction
Society, the protection of the plants
We are also extinct in the wild

"Nymphaea Thermarum"

"Kokia Cookei"

"Magnolia Pseudokobus"

"Rhododendron Kanehirai"

Marine Landscape
Sea plants, Metal and Rare Metal
Marine Resource and Industrial Waste


The most ancient tree on the Earth
Endangered living fossile, "Ginkgo" and Metal

"Ginkgo Ferrum: Singularity"

"Ginkgo Ferrum: Cycle"

"Ginkgo Ferrum: Ripple"

"Ginkgo Ferrum: Ripple" (detail)

"Ginkgo Ferrum: Structure"

"Ginkgo Ferrum: Alchemy" (detail)

"Acrylig Ginkgo: Pre-Linguistic Reactor"

"Acrylic Ginkgo: Pre-Emotional Generator"

Timeless loop of virtual landscape

"Circularscape: Tree" (silent video)

"Circularscape: 3 Trees" (silent video)