after Start Art Fair 2018

It was such a joy to hang and see my three paintings on two white walls in the beautiful and magnificent space of Saatchi Gallery. On the wall three meters high three meters wide, I hang the Tropical Metal Forest: Rain, on the other, 5.9 meters wide, I hang Tropical Metal Forest: Water and Tropical Metal Forest: Base. That was my booth at Start Art Fair 2018.

Just before the private view began, I felt calmness and kindness of space and time. There was a Feng Shui like energy that belonged to the gallery which gradually turned into vibrant and exciting flows when the doors opened for the VIP guests.

Nature and society are the two main concepts in my art. I would like to be nature myself while living in the network of society. The relation of nature and society are thought in different ways: Materialistic view sees the relation between wild environment and urban cities while psychological view would see it as the relation between emotion and reason. In artistic terms this relation can be seen as abstract image and figurative image, impressionistic expression and minimalistic expression.

Tropical Metal Forest series exhibited in the fair expressed the materialistic view of the relation. Image of tropical rainforest is painted using metallic colours combining images of ecology and industry, expressing the harmony between them in a visual and conceptual way.

"Tropical Metal Forest: Rian"

There is another series of work called Bubble City which contrasts Tropical Metal Forest. The same technique is used to paint cityscape and bubbly texture is combined with the image. Bubble City focuses on uncertainty of social entity. This is about the relation of reality and virtual reality, a cognitive view of seeing the nature and society relation.

This work has been approved by the selection panel of Start Art Fair, however I decided to maintain the consistency of the theme with Tropical Metal Forest in my booth. I hope I will have a chance to exhibit the Bubble City series in near future.

I would like to thank everyone who worked so hard to achieve Start Art Fair especially Antonia Hodges, Minh Ngo, and Samir Ceric and all visitors who came to my booth and stopped in front of my paintings. It was also such an honour to show my artwork to David and Serenella Ciclitira, chairman and CEO of Parallel Contemporary Art. I would like to express my gratitude to them.

"Bubble City: Time"
"Bubble City: Time" (detail)